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Do you also dream about a life of seduction, sex and travel?


The first rays of sunshine stray into your room. You open your drowsy eyes. You feel a tender kiss on your cheek and you turn around slowly. Words can‘t describe the beauty of the woman who is lying next to you. 

Her exotic eyes, her gorgeous body and her lascivious glimpse drive you out of your mind. She still has the same effect on you as the night before. She kisses you passionately whilst you caress her back down to her perfectly shaped butt.

For a while you are lying in bed holding each other tightly, till your beautiful beloved decides to hop into the shower. You just can’t stop gazing after her, the moment she leaves your bed bar naked, kisses you one last time with passion and wend her way to the bathroom.

Her butt, her breasts, her smile, her angelic face…your lips form to a broad grin.


Last Night

While you enjoy every part of her body until she disappears in the bathroom, you remember your experiences from last night. You remember how you met this beautiful exotic angel at the beach near your apartment.

The way you approached her was confident and playful at the same time. The way you told her that she looks amazingly beautiful left her speechless for a couple of seconds, before she showed her joy about your compliment by smiling at you in the most heart-warming way.

While you wallow around in bed you have to smile again. You have to smile because you remember how you instantly connected with this girl by talking with her over an hour in one of the bars next to the beach and because you didn’t even believe that a man and a woman can have such a strong connection after such a short amount of time.

By licking your lips the memory of your first kiss comes back into your mind. You were walking with her hand in hand at the beach and when the sun was about to go down you took your courage in both hands and kissed her.

It was an amazing feeling. The only feeling that felt even more amazing was the moment when you slowly undressed her in your room, until she stood right in front of your bed…completely naked.

The sex was mind-blowing and fuelled with passion, attraction and an incredible desire to completely immerse in the sexual chemistry and energy that both of you felt. That’s exactly what you did.

You have no doubt that you won’t ever forget this night and that the time you spend with this girl is more memorable than all the other nights you have experienced with girls back home. Words can’t describe the feelings that this night unleashed.


Memories of the Past

Suddenly, your whole body is filled with feelings of pride and contentment. You smile again. When you look back at your old life and compare it with the life you are living now, you simply can’t believe that all of this is real.

The naked exotic beauty in your shower, the amazing sex last night, the strong feelings of passion and excitement that you have experienced with this girl…everything seems so unreal.

You need a moment to realize that the change you’ve been through is actually real and that the life you live at the moment is your new reality. When you think about where you came from you are sorely tempted to cry tears of joy.

You think back at a time where you had no success with women at all. Your approach anxiety paralyzed you whenever you tried to walk up to a woman to introduce yourself to her and you just couldn’t stop worrying about what other people think of you.

You didn’t know how to seduce women, had no idea what the art of seduction was and traveling the world in search of beautiful foreign girls sounded rather like a faraway dream than a lifestyle that you could actually make your reality.

Since then, things have changed. At some point in your life you decided to take over the full responsibility for your life. You decided that it is time to change and that it is time to live your life the way you want to live it and not the way society wants you to.

You finally made the decision that you deserve to attract beautiful women into your life, that you deserve to experience unforgettable adventures and that you deserve to have the best sex of your life with women from all over the world.

By thinking about how far you’ve come, you have to smile again. Now you are living your dream, now you are able to seduce the women you want to seduce and now you have sex with the women you want to have sex with. Traveling the world in search of the most beautiful women and unforgettable sexual experiences is no longer just a dream for you.

This dream has become your reality and you couldn’t be any happier that you decided to take your life in your own hands and followed a path of seduction, sex and travel. Now you know how it feels to live a fulfilled life.

While you are thinking about how your life has changed since you decided to live a life of seduction and adventurous sex travel, the sound of the switched on shower jolts you out of your daydreams.


Wake Up

The sound of the shower put an end to your daydreaming about last night, your old way of living life, your journey of personal development and your current life. You are thankful for the life you are living now, you appreciate your journey and you are convinced that you never want to go back to your old life.

You never want to go back to a life without the ability to seduce women, without amazing sexual experiences and without travels that have the single purpose to seduce and date beautiful exotic women.

Now you live a life worth living and one aspect of it is an abundance of beautiful women, such as the gorgeous beauty that is currently takin a shower in your bathroom.

The thought that a gorgeous naked woman is under your shower and you are only a few meters away from reliving last night’s experiences, makes your heart thump. The thought of watching the water run down her well-shaped breasts and feeling her soft skin on your body motivates you to leave your comfortable bed.

You get out of bed and walk towards your balcony door. Your room smells like sex. You draw the curtain slowly aside and only now you really wake up through the energizing rays of the sun.

You open your balcony door and you step outside. From your balcony you watch the palms waving in the wind and you enjoy the direct view on the crystal clear and light blue ocean, that is located not far from your apartment.

You inhale the fresh sea air, you exhale and you are at peace with the world and yourself. Just as you think about the seaside café to which you want to go for breakfast with your stunningly beautiful companion, she stands right in front of you, dressed with just a towel. She looks at you with a seductive smile.

Make it Your Reality

She comes closer to you while looking you deep in the eyes. Her wet hair touches your shoulder by the time she starts to kiss you. The kiss is intensive and passionate. Her towel falls to the ground and she hugs you with her wet naked body. This time the sex is even better than the night before.  

After both of you lie totally exhausted in each other’s arms, you remember how you just reflected on your life before she came back from the shower to seduce you once again. Again, you take a second to appreciate your life full of seduction, sex and travel.

All you see is a life of happiness, unforgettable adventures and an overwhelming feeling of fulfilment. Not so long ago this was a life that you couldn’t have imagined in your wildest dreams.

A dream, is it really just a dream?

For many men a life full of travel, breath-taking experiences, beautiful exotic women, seduction, passionate sex and wild adventures is just a dream.

Make it your reality!

Travel the world, seduce beautiful women, have the best sex of your life and live your dreams…

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